Have you ever made a decision with such conviction that whatever you declared was going to happen, was going to happen no matter what?  I remember when I left the “rat race” and lived life on my terms on a ranch up in Southern Washington, I had experienced a sense of freedom like I had never experienced before.  Although there was always work to do, I didn’t punch a time clock and didn’t have a “boss” breathing down my back.  This was my first taste of living “outside of the box.”

Mt Adams Lenticular

When I sensed my time at the ranch was coming to a completion, I wasn’t sure what was in store for me next and of course I was scared I would end up homeless.  Yet, all I knew was that I WAS NOT GOING BACK TO THE RAT RACE!!!  There were no if’s, and’s, or but’s about it.  Because I had shut that back door, it actually created the space for another opportunity to enter into my life.


I was gifted with the opportunity to hang out for several months in beautiful Bend, Oregon.  Again, I felt a sense of time freedom like I had never had before.  I could do what I wanted when I wanted.  It was a great experience of living an alternative lifestyle.


Of course my time was coming to a close in Bend and once again, I was back to deep inquiry as to what was next in my life.  Again, I made the declaration that I was NOT GOING BACK TO THE RAT RACE!!!  I got real clear on what I wanted and wrote it all down.  Exactly one week later, an opportunity with everything I had written down to the tee, had appeared!!! It came quickly because I was very clear with what I wanted and that laser focus cut through any objections my subconscious mind might have had.

Those are a couple of the big “parting of the Red Sea” moments in my life, yet I find that making declarations in everyday life is just as powerful.  Today, my colleague and I set up a table at the local mall and offered free mini readings, healings, and counseling sessions.  It started off slow and at one point my colleague thought about throwing in the towel because it wasn’t ‘happening.’   I told him he could leave early if he wanted but I was staying because I wanted to declare to the Universe that I’m not giving up that easy.  And of course as soon as I made that declaration and decided to stay, the people came!  🙂   My favorite was a woman whose birthday it was today.  She said that she was gifted with a reading with a Psychic but never got a return phone call to set up the reading so when she saw our table, she knew this was the birthday gift for her.  How powerful is she that she manifested a reading even though it didn’t come to her how she thought it would?!?    It was such an honor to support her in creating a clear vision for the next 365 days.

So my question to you is, how often do you make declarations to the Universe that NO MATTER WHAT,  ___________ is going to happen?!   I believe this is the real key to manifestation and true power.  It’s a total alignment of the body, mind, heart, and soul.  There is no wavering.  I remember taking T Harv Eker’s Warrior Training and one of the tenets is “My word is law”.    I’m getting that on a deeper, visceral level and I’m excited about playing with this more.  Who’s wanting to play with me?  I’d love to hear about your NO MATTER WHAT experiences.  Please share here or on my Facebook page.  Let’s all start creating the life we want because we say so!!!  Aho!!!