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Does something come alive or percolate when you hear the words “Mt. Shasta?”

Do your ears perk up when you hear the words Lemuria, Pleiadians, Inner Earth, St. Germain, Sananda, El Morya, Master Kuthumi, Telos, Adama?
That’s what happened to me in 2009 when I first felt the calling.  Before then, I had never heard of Shasta, but once I did, it would not leave my consciousness!!  I would overhear people’s conversations….mumble, mumble, mumble, SHASTA, mumble mumble.  I would see it on the internet and I would see pictures of it in random places.  It was like she was calling me HOME.  Since then, Mt Shasta has indeed become Home to me and a place to remember who I really AM!  Back in 2010 I had a spontaneous healing on Black Butte in which I now have regular moon cycles to this day!  I have spontaneously left my body, went flying above the mountain, flew into an interdimensional doorway, was met by these beings in white and taken on a “tour.”  I have connected with Master Kuthumi before I even knew there was such an Ascended Master.  I have seen crystalline city overlays on the mountain.  I have also had some uncomfortable growth experiences, for anything not serving your highest good will most certainly come up for review.  As your Faerie Guidess for this year’s magickal, mystical journey, you can be sure that you will be held in a safe and nurturing container, as I know firsthand how powerful a change catalyst Mama Shasta can be.
Majestic Mt Shasta (the place where Heaven and Earth meet) is a magnetic vortex-portal volcano, calling Seekers of Truth to her.  You will know when you are being “called” to the mountain.  It will draw you in when it is your time to make your SOULjourn there.  Mt. Shasta calls in many Guardians of Light, one of which is St. Germain, Chohan of the 7th Ray of the Violet Flame of the Great White Brotherhood.   Meditating with the Violet Flame purifies any denser energies and allows you to come into alignment with your truest I Am presence, thus connecting you to your Divine Purpose.  As a vortex portal, any lower vibrating energies not aligned with your higher calling may be brought up to the surface such that you are much freer to be the divine YOU that You are .  That is why we will do lots of healing activities to support your Shasta/Soul journey.
If your soul stirs when you feel into the energies of Shasta, if you’re feeling called to be out in nature with like-hearted SiStars and away from the concrete jungle, if you’re feeling like you’ve somehow lost yourself and can’t remember who you really are, if you feel there’s more to life than this 3d existence, if you are feeling stuck in the minutia of day-to-day life and want to get back to a place of peace, gratitude, love, hope, inspiration, and wonderment, perhaps this retreat is for you?!  And if you know without a shadow of a doubt you are being called to the mountain, reserve your spot now as there are only 2 more spaces available.  Click on the link below to make your $222 nonrefundable deposit so that we can prepare the space for YOU!
In Shasta fashion, part of the retreat will be dictated by the collective alchemical energy of the group and what the mountain, Ascended Masters, Devas, and Archangels call upon us.  For those who want to know more of the 3d logistics, here is your soft agenda for your retreat:


✨ 💜  ✨  JULY 11-14, 2019   ✨ 💜  ✨    

THURSDAY, JULY 11, 2019 

– We will meet at a private sanctuary in Weed, just north of the town of Shasta.  The address will be given to you approximately two weeks before the retreat.
– You may arrive as early as 4pm and relax.
– 5pm we open the circle by calling in the directions, walking the land, and sitting in circle with a special Leche de Gaia veggie broth ceremony
– 6pm we shall enjoy a welcome dinner together.
– 8:00pm we will do a powerful invocation ceremony to call in the Ancestors/Masters as we invite them into dreamtime.  We shall end with evening with a sound healing to assist in acclimating to the high energies.

FRIDAY, JULY 12, 2019

– After a leisurely morning of yoga/movement and/or personal private time to walk the grounds, we circle up to connect and set our intentions for the day.
– We then head on over to the headwaters to connect with the waters that have journeyed through underground lava tubes and have never seen the light of day. We might also possibly take a stroll through the enchanting walking path along the creek.
– Then we’ll stop off at the local health food store to grab a lunch and head on over to Middle McCloud Falls and enjoy our lunch among the nature spirits, allowing the frequencies and vibrations of Ma Shasta to drop in deeper.
— Continuing to connect with the healing waters, we head on up to Castle Lake as we take in the beauty of the waters against the backdrop of the majestic pines.  For the more adventurous ones, we might head on up to Heart Lake, while those who wish to lounge around can stay below at Castle Lake.

– What’s Shasta without the crystal shops?!!  After a full day of connecting with the waters, this will be the time to browse through Soul Connections, Crystal Wings, The Crystal Room, Shambhala Center, Sacred Seed Crystals, the apothecary, and all the shops in town.

– We then head on back to the sanctuary to nourish our bodies with delicious food and lively conversation.

– At 8ish we shall circle up and reflect upon our day, sharing our highlights, ahas, and breakthroughs.  Depending on the energies, we might continue with drumming/chanting/dancing as we continue to open to the fullness of our BEing.
Or we might be called to stargaze up the hill and connect with our Star Family.


— More personal time and/or morning yoga/movement.
— Again we circle up and ground for our epic day ahead.  Yesterday we frolicked along the periphery of the mountain as we acclimated to the higher frequencies and vibrations of the sacred vortex portal.  Today we go in closer for deeper connection.
— We start by making our way to a private property to meditate in a dark 15-foot interdimensional pyramid overseen by guardians Ra-Ke-Da and Isis.

“As they enter here, they are entering another space and time!  Because in here, the normal rules of the physical universe do not work as they do outside.”  ~Isis

“This is a place to get answers!  This is a place to connect with Divine Sources, other dimensions, angelic presences, and the Ascended Hosts.”  Ra-Ke-Da



And for those who wish to take a solo ride in this transportive dodecahedron, you’ll be able to arrange a personal, private session before or after our retreat if you so desire.


–Now that we have opened our 3rd eyes in a mini dark retreat, allowing for deeper connection with the Masters, we allow for more space to continue receiving messages.  What better place than the Gateway Peace Gardens?!   Sit in contemplation with Mother Mary, Quan Yin Bodhisattva, Saint Francis of Assisi, and listen for even more answers to your queries.  Or walk the lavender labyrinth in the backdrop of the majestic mountain for deeper truths to reveal itself.  Then create a prayer flag to tie to a tree as the winds listen to your prayer and carry it into the far reaches of the planet and beyond.

photo courtesy of Gateway Peace Gardens website
photo courtesy of Peace Gardens website
photo courtesy of Laura Fister
— From there we head to a private sanctuary for Spirit Speaks where each woman asks a question and a channel of ArchAngel Michael answers in a laser-like fashion.  Is your soul ready to hear a truth you’ve been resisting?  Now is the time to allow the truth to guide you in a forward fashion.

— Now that we have connected with the Masters, thus attuning to the reverence of the sacred land, the Deities, & our God Selves, we now journey up the sacred mountain to Panther Meadows for even deeper connection with our I Am Presence and the Masters (truly where Heaven and Earth meet!).  We shall sit in meditation, welcoming messages from the Masters & Ancestors with an open mind and loving heart, and pay homage to the Nature Spirits.

2016-04-27-5-1photo by Harmonious Earth

– We return to the sanctuary for some nourishing dinner and alone time to integrate.
– At 8:00 we circle up for another reflection of the day and any aha’s that have occurred. We nurture each other up with a cocooning of hands-on love/healing and sweet acknowledging whispers.

SUNDAY, JULY 14, 2019

– We will gather for a closing circle after breakfast, sharing our experiences, ahas, & breakthroughs from the weekend.  We enter into a powerful declaration ceremony to solidify the truths that have revealed themselves allowing each woman to step back into her everyday reality with more clarity, peace, purpose, passion, and gratitude.
— For those who would like to take a hike to a luscious waterfall after the official completion of the retreat, we shall grab a lunch and sit on the huge rock, taking in the energizing negative ions.


PLEASE NOTE: The agenda is subject to change as Mama Shasta’s agenda might lead us in a different direction.  THAT’S WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU ENTER INTO THE SHASTA VORTEX!  There’s a myriad of other lakes, waterfalls, and hiking trails we could be called to.  Please be open to whatever unfolds. It’s always for the highest good of all.
Here is some SOUL EXPANDING reading from James Tyberonn’s experience of Mt. Shasta in 2007 and a channel from Metatron:


This year’s retreat space is on land that has been dormant for a long time and has only recently been rebirthed.  It is amazingly fertile grounds for connecting deeply with the land without any recent human overlays.  It is on 10 acres of forested land with a traditional Mongolian yurt, private swimming hole, labyrinth, glamping sites, and has been professionally Feng Shui’ed for optimal energy flow and sleeping efficiency.

photos courtesy of the sanctuary website



I have been on the self empowerment path for almost two decades and have been leading retreats since 2008.  Since my first trek to Mt Shasta in 2009, I spontaneously remembered childhood sexual trauma and healed my past through somatic work.  I quit my job and traveled all over the Pacific Northwest & Hawaii for 3 months couch surfing and allowing my intuition to guide me. I cut family ties/mortgage and found myself at a world renown ranch assisting in clearings and healings for Truth Seekers on the path.  Through the deep somatic healing of my past, I now have an even stronger relationship with my family than ever before and I am in the first healthy, autonomous, loving, supportive romantic relationship in my life!  (Good things come to those who persevere).   I am currently honing my coaching and retreat facilitation skills with Joanna Lindenbaum through her Sacred Depth Coaching Training.



💜:  A siStarhood of heart-centered women that could last a lifetime.  As your Faerie Guidess, I take great care in holding a safe and loving space for all to be authentically seen and heard.  With that comes deep connections and bonds that certainly can last a lifetime.
💜:  Connection to the Ascended Masters, opening of your psychic abilities (especially 3rd eye), mystical astral traveling via meditation, and possible physical, mental, spiritual, psychological healing
💜:  Clarity of your truest Soul Essence/Purpose
💜:  Answers to your innermost queries
💜:  Your own personal connection with the mountain and the nature spirits
💜:  Some deserved R&R in a beautiful sanctuary and fun times at the sacred sites (lakes, waterfalls, trails on the mountain, etc)
💜:  A renewed desire and passion to align with your higher calling


** The investment to remember who you are is $697 for 3 night’s lodging, 3 healthy nutritious tasty dinners, 2 yummy lunches, transportation to the various sacred sites, Spirit Speaks private time with AAM Channel, private time in the Shasta Pyramid, a supportive circle of SiStars where you are seen, heard, and loved for who you really are, and me as your Faerie Guidess/Circle Facilitator!  
(Participants will prepare their own breakfast).  
$697= 6+9+7=22/4.  The guides chose this number as 22 is a Master Number; a double 2 signifying love and unity consciousness.  22 breaks down to a 4, which is the number of BEing.  It connects body, mind, and spirit with the physical world.  It creates a sound structure with the capacity to hold a solid foundation of values and beliefs.  
A deposit of $222 will hold your place with the balance of $475 due by July 1st.    You can opt for payment plan for no extra cost!  

** There are only 2 more spaces available!  If you are strongly called to the mountain and/or if you know of any other Goddesses feeling called, I highly recommend you/she/y’all sign up NOW before it sells out!  
I am also taking inquiries for a possible 2019 Autumnal Equinox Retreat in Lake Tahoe or Bay Area and/or a 2020 Spring Equinox Retreat in Sedona, AZ.  

Please click here to keep informed of upcoming retreats and events  


“Kani’s Women’s Retreat for leaders is quantum! I was truly inspired by her ability to curate a group of awakened individuals who have been on the path of personal growth and to empower each one of us to find our voice, our signature style, to come to a knowing of our purpose and self contribution to the world through her collective group method ~ where everyone is equal, sovereign, and vulnerable, and the pieces of the puzzle of our purpose come together by each other’s observations.  I feel much more confident and excited to create a mindful, balanced, joyful life by claiming and owning my gift, and to start my own business.  Best yet!  We experienced the magick of it all at beautiful and inspiring Mt Shasta.”   ~ Silvia M.


“My experience with Kani and the group was, at the risk of sounding redundant, life changing.  Kani leads with no ego, which creates an atmosphere so crucial for healing and spiritual growth.  My weekend was very profound to say the least.  I will continue to attend our Kani Shasta retreats yearly.  I just can’t imagine missing this retreat for even one year.  I love Kani and the way she leads with kindness, love, and humility. Peace to all beings.” ~Shanti


“Kani’s Mt Shasta retreat was incredibly magical. We were each empowered to be our true selves.  The people, the nature, the music, the food….every detail was so thoughtful, each a strand that weaved a beautiful experience that I will cherish.  It was a time of beauty and laughter…of community and sovereignty.  Thank you, Kani, for creating such a blissful environment for us to grow and support one another on our own unique and love-filled journeys.”  ~Brenda


“I have been on many of Kani’s retreats and each one has been truly transformational.  I feel like I grow light years in just a few days.  Kani creates a safe and sacred space for each participant to share, expose themselves, be vulnerable, heal, grow, and come more into their true authentic selves.  Kani is a magnet for amazing, loving, light beings.  You will learn and evolve not only from Kani’s wisdom and loving energy, but from the love, support, and wisdom of everyone she brings into her circle.  I leave refreshed, inspired, and with great clarity in WHO I AM and what my life purpose is.  Kani’s circles are a backdrop for each person to go on their own heroic journey and emerge triumphant.”   ~Tootsie B.


“Kani’s authenticity and leadership created a deeply healing and transformative event for our group.  The journey organically manifested truth and clarity for us all.  The dynamic to my retreat experience was co-created by each member.  This is the first retreat where I have experienced that. Thank you, Kani, for the hierarchy-free retreat experience.  You are lively, strong, authentic, and created a safe space for us all to access our inner wisdom and intelligence.  We have grown and transformed as a whole.”  ~Keilah


“Kani holds sacred space for feminine leaders to do the inner work that allows them to move through the blocks that have stopped them in the past.  She is one of the few leaders that has stretched me to be uncomfortable by inviting me to share things that I would usually hold on to so that I can move through it, surrounded with the love of all the beautiful women she attracts and her as well.  She creates a feminine container that allows a free spirit like me to expand.  If you are a feminine leader looking to be held in love while you expand, say YES to Kani’s retreat!”  ~Lia Venet


“I came to Kani’s retreat inspired by her joyful presence and my friend Lia’s “you gotta go, Claudia!” statement.  I had no idea what to expect, and I’m glad! It opened up my curiosity, which was sparked by the graceful and just authentic flow of every new moment, leading to the next and the next, weaving a magickal thread of growth and transformation that will hold me as I step back into the “real world.”  A new stronger voice, freedom of being, bigger heart, higher vibration, a sense of knowingness, are all weaved together in the net that supports me and the collective consciousness created during this retreat.  Thank you forever dear Kani Faerie Guidess of Leaders Stepping Into Their Gifts Fully!!” Love you SO much!!” ~Claudia Divine Creatress


“The most transformational experience I’ve ever had.  I would recommend this retreat to any woman who desires shedding skin, going deep within to release past wounds and traumas in a very loving, compassionate, supportive space to let go of what no longer serves and expand!!!  I feel free, a weight has been lifted and I soar.  The deep connection I felt with these women cannot be compared! This is how we WOMEN change the world.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.”   ~Anon


“Through my path of healing and self acceptance I have experienced many gatherings that have helped me in my journey. Kani’s retreat has been by far the most transformational experience.  I got to embrace unconditional love and understanding of who I really am.  Thanks from my heart.  I am taking with me the best of me to continue my journey.”  ~Roxana Pure Crystal


“A beautiful, deep, transformational & empowering weekend!  Supporting vulnerable exploration of my deepest self.  Kani provides a sacred and divine guidance.”  ~Anon


“I will remember and honor this experience always.  The openness and care that Kani held and facilitated for our group was far beyond my expectations of peace and light in a group.  Kani has tremendous courage and grace.  I will return!”  ~s.ess


“Kani has an amazing talent for creating and holding a safe space for deep and powerful connection within a group gathering. She allows the energy of the group to organically unfold ~ allowing for an invigorating process into the unknown.”  ~Bria


Kani ~ Thank you for creating an opportunity to connect and explore in nature with an amazing group of powerful Goddesses. Shasta is transformative in every imaginable way.  When you are ready to be supported, pushed, and honored, this retreat is for you!.”   ~Kelela


“This retreat has been so amazing for me and my siStars that words can barely come to me to express all that I have learned, healed, and transformed.  Everything here this weekend has been so perfect, beautiful, inspiring, healing, loving, and fun!  Kani brought us all together and we broke through and transformed.  I will do all in my power to attend more with Kani.  Much love to her and my siStars.  I will not forget.” ~Dreaming Wolf


The High Priestess Council of Shasta to me means….

~ The most intimate gathering of healing and sisterhood of the most dear and beautiful ladies ever.

~ Affirmation.  Several experiences affirmed what I already know yet never acted on.

~ Connection of like-minded ladies.  COMMUNION with one another. It’s what we miss and desperately needed.    ~Anon

**To see if this retreat is right for you, please email me and we can set up a time to chat.**