Ode To The Birds…..

Have you ever been in a such a playful state where you’re so in the flow that magic just naturally happens?  That’s what 2016 has been like thus far.  It actually started at the end of 2015 when I went home to Southern California to visit my family for the holydays.  I found a deck of Doreen Virtue’s “Life Purpose” cards on one the bookshelves in my old room.  Apparently my sister didn’t resonate with them because they were unopened.  Being the Life/Soul Purpose Coach that I am, I thought it would be fun to try the cards out for size.  As I was shuffling, almost in a tongue-in-cheek way, I kept asking, “What is my life purpose?  (wink, wink)  What is my life purpose?”  (wink, wink)

The three cards I picked were:


Here’s where I get to come out of the closet.  Those in my inner circle know this, however, not everyone might know that I am first and foremost a Spiritual Teacher/Bodyworker/Healer and that I use Life Coaching as a means to share my intuitive gifts.  So it was no surprise that I picked these cards.

Being the impish faerie that I am, I decided to ask the Universe what the first steps would be to share my gifts in a succinct way as I went for a walk along the horse trail by my house.  Within 100 yards into my walk I felt and heard the flapping of the wings of a bird so close to me, I almost fell to the ground taking cover!  As I composed myself, I looked up to see one of the most beautiful, graceful, majestic White Herons!


I must’ve stood in awe for a good 5 minutes as I took in the energy/wisdom of this messenger.  I thanked it for its message and went on my merry way.  As I was walking along the hills on this crisp winter day the mountains were sooooo alive!  The insects and animals were soooooo alive!  The land was sooooo alive!  I felt like Snow White with the birds and cows and horses and mountains speaking to me.  In that moment, as the plant kingdom, animal kingdom, and the devas asked me to be their messenger of love, peace, joy, and play, I accepted!  Here is a poem that came out of me in that moment.  (Mind you I am not a poet!)

Freeeeeee to be me, I see

you San Bernardino Apus

Thank you hills of Chino Hills

where I feel expansive, permissive

attuned, resumed

recharged, in charge

of my destiny.

To thee

hummingbirds, squirrelies, bunnies, ponies

I bow and vow

to embrace and claim my place

as Shamaness Goddess Earth-Dancer Channel of higher forces unseen.

For this day I say


Let it be known as I have been shown

That I vow to leave a wake of love

wherever the path may take me.

Aloha ke Akua

So of course as soon as I got home I looked up what Crane medicine was.  I thought for sure it was a crane I saw!  Here’s what one of the sources said:

Graceful, terrestrial birds the cranes’ call can be long, harsh and penetrating.  It helps us connect with our primal origins and teaches us how to utilize the power of sound appropriately.  It holds the medicine of self expression and shows us how to vocalize our truth.  Those with this totem benefit from all types of voice therapy including singing, speaking, and chanting.  This beautiful bird helps us release our fear as we move into unchartered territory.  It helps us discover our personal grace and agility.  It teaches us to express ourselves with integrity and conviction and most importantly it restores our faith in ourselves and in spirit.

Of course this applies as well because the crane kingdom was in my face as well!  I received a couple of Christmas cards with cranes on them and cranes unexpectedly came up in conversations.

The reason why the crane medicine is apropos as well is because I have gone through certain experiences in my life that have challenged me in speaking my truth or vocalizing with conviction…..from not being able to have a voice as a child, to being made fun of because of my “Disney/Cinderella” voice, to being told not to sing my solo in two regional musical theatre shows…  And I recently took back my power when I performed a Hawaiian oli (chant) last month for the first time in public!

Back to the White Heron…..So I looked up White Heron medicine as well.  Here’s what it says:

You love to explore various activities and dimensions of Earth life.  On the surface, this may seem like a form of dabbling, but more than likely you are wonderfully successful at being a traditional “Jack of all trades.”  This ability enables you to follow your own path.  Most people will never quite understand the way you live because on the surface it seems to be unstructured without stability or security to it.  It is, though, just a matter of perspective.  There is security underneath it all, for it gives you the ability to do a variety of tasks.

This totem has given me peace knowing that all of my various interests and passions are on purpose….that my grassroots Faerie/Angel work doing random acts of kindness in the commUnity is just as purposeful as my bringing through the ancient knowledge through my Shamanic dancing and that my energy healing work is just as purposeful as my life coaching practice.

It all comes down to doing what I/you/we love doing that contributes to living a meaningful life.  So, in homage to the sacred teachings/messages of the bird kingdom, I became a channel of their divine grace at a Temple Dance this past Friday night.


Whether you feel lost in the minutia of day-to-day life or you have so many passions that you’re not sure where to focus your attention, perhaps I would be able to help you gain clarity in living to your fullest potential?  Click here and sign up for your complimentary Life Purpose Discovery Session or ask to be added to my newsletter .  Let’s start embracing our gifts, and dance as if no one is watching!!!




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